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The Volcano is my personal favorite vaporizer. I use it all the time and enjoy vaping from the bag. It has a minimal smell and a great high.

Vapor Quality10
Vapor Density10
Ease of Use10
Heat Up Time9

All Questions Answered in This Thorough Video Review

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The Volcano is made by Storz and Bickel, a german company. Although the Volcano has been on the market for quite some time, it still ranks as the best (for me) and for many other people out there. It has been featured in countless places such as, Tech and The Stranger.

Why is it So Good? The Pros!

Vapor Quality – The Best. I believe it’s the best out of all the vaporizers out there.

Vapor Density – The Best. You can really jack this thing up to the highest temperature and get it super cloudy and strong. Personally I don’t

Taste – Super clean and just incredibly yummy. I never really was able to tell the difference in how certain substances tasted until I got the volcano. Now when I go to the shop and pick up certain strains you really can tell the difference with this volcano. I have even vaped lower quality strains (like your outdoor) and it still is yummy :).

Efficiency – Incredible. The reason I got this vape is to save money on how much I spend on substance each month. I used to spend close to $500…Now? I spend about $150. Within two months my whole volcano was paid off just by how good the efficiency is.

The average bowls worth is going to give you about 4 bags depending upon what temperature you vape it on. The more you put into the volcano microwave, the more bags you can get. If you really pack it up there, you can get a lot more than 4 bags worth.

Obviously this depends on your tolerance and strain you have, but you’re going to find that you can get feeling good after 1 bag to yourself..2 bags to yourself and you will really be feeling it.

Easy to Use – It’s so easy and straight forward. You’re not going to be confused at all. Literally plugin and set the temperature you want.

Durable – The machine has sat on my desk for almost 6 years with daily use. It works the exact same as it did when I purchased it in college.

Low Maintenance – You don’t really have to maintain anything or clean anything. Only thing that might need replacement is the screen that goes above the substance in your microwave bowl. That can get a little kiefy after heavy use. But you get a brush to clean it with, so it’s not really big of a deal.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.16.48 AM

Some Cons

It’s Expensive – So at $539 for the classic and $669 for the digital it is definitely pretty expensive.

Fan Noise – It’s a little loud when you are cooking a bag up, but it’s not really THAT loud..Just in comparison to other vapes because they are usually silent.

When someone is in one room over and both doors are open to the rooms, you can barely hear it. If the door is closed, you can’t hear it unless you’re sitting outside the door. The crinkling of the bag/balloon is louder.

Does it Smell?

It depends what temperature you’re cooking the substance at and how much of the substance is in there. If you cook at a very low temperature and with very little substance in there it won’t have much smell.

If you have a bunch in there and cook it at a high temperature, it’s definitely going to have a good smell. Some bud is better than others and will have a much bigger smell.

What Temperature To Vape At?

This is a personal preference and you will find that as you vape you will find out what you like.

I personally do not vape super cloudy vapes, many people do though. My personal preference is 193 degrees celsius with more or less .4 grams of bud in there.

I recommend that as a good starting point and then adjusting based on your needs. Not enough vapor for you? Turn up the temperature or pack more. Too strong? Turn it down or pack less.

How Much do You Get from Each Session?

I pack about .4 into a bowl and using the 193 degrees, I will get 4-5 bags worth. Bag 1 has the best taste, bag 2 and 3 is the strongest. The fourth will often times have a good amount of vapor, but it doesn’t taste near as good or do much to you.

Classic Vs. Digital – What Do You Need?

There are 2 different volcanoes you can buy. There is the classic volcano and the digital volcano. The classic/analog is a Volcano with a temperature nob 0-10 where as the digital is one that has a digital temperature reader.

The main difference between the two is that there are preset temperatures with the classic and with the digital you can change it to any # of degrees you want.

I personally have upgraded to the digital because I’m a vape snob :P. I will say that you don’t need a digital unless you’re someone like me who just wants the best possible. Since I’m a snob, I like to vape my substance at an exact temperature.

Easy Valve Vs. Solid Valve

Easy valve means that the balloons/bags will be premade for you. The solid valve means that you will be able to cut your own balloons/bags – which is a boatload of phone.

Back in college we used to get the solid valve all the time because you can make huuuuuge balloons. At parties we would have the biggest bag rolling around it was like a long ass snake..It was awesome.

This isn’t my picture (found from our good friends at Google image search), but this is what we would do..

lol long volcano bag

Carrying Case

If you’re going to be doing a lot of carrying you can always pickup the custom made carrying case for it. The case isn’t too expensive, like $50 and you’ll be able to transport it super easily.

I also have one of these for when I head over to my buddies for some gaming sessions and we want to vape with the Volcano..Putting it in a backpack just doesn’t work that well.

Is it the Best?

In our opinion, yes!

We currently have it ranked as the #1 vaporizer on our site. The quality of vapor and durability is so good that we think it justifies the high price tag completely.

I’ve had my Volcano for 6 years with pretty much daily use. It is working the exact same from the day I purchased it. You cannot say this about many vapes.

Where to Get It

Vape World is the online retailer I use for all my vape related purchases. There’s couple of reasons to buy online.

1) Best Price – Some shops overcharge on their Volcano products.

2) Free Overnight Shipping – You get it the next day for FREE. No other vape shop or buying from Storz & Bickel offers free overnight shipping.

3) Don’t Have to Move – You don’t have to leave your house and take time out of your day to get it.

4) Availability – Volcano is always in stock. Many smoke shops will not have both in stock. Most only have 1 Volcano on hand and it’ll either be a classic or digital. I live in San Diego with lots of smoke shops. You’d be surprised how many different stores I’d have to go to get the exact Volcano that I want.

Site = VapeWorld.com

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