About Us

Yo guys what’s up? I’m Justin Vape and I’m the guy behind the site.

About Me

I started using a vaporizer when I realized that I needed to quit tobacco. You see, I smoked way too many spliffs. If you don’t know what spliffs are, they are a mix of bud and tobacco rolled up with paper. Very tasty if you get some good tobacco, but also absolutely horrible for you thanks to no filter.

I decided that I did not want to stop smoking all together, but a friend of mine in medical school suggested I really consider getting a vaporizer.

At first, I was like NO WAY BRO. I said those things don’t work well!!! I had only vaped from really basic vaporizers aka cheap vapes that suck.

I purchased an Arizer Solo as my first vape and was completely sold on the idea of vaping. I then started to buy more vapes and ultimately now I review all the vapes that come out now.

This was just the short story of MY Story…If you want my full blown story, go here. That’s only if you’re bored though lol.

About This Site

I put up this site in in order to help people learn about vaporizers. I also wanted to help people learn the products through my reviews about them.  I have a semi unique ratings system that I use. You can read more about that ratings system here. Occasionally I will have some of my friends stop by and they will leave their input. This gives you another perspective from people who wouldn’t consider themselves vaping pros.

In addition to my thoughts on the vape, I have added the ability for people who visit the website to be able to leave reviews. This will give you an idea of what EVERYONE is saying, not just yours truly.