Reviews for the Best Vaporizers of 2019

Desktop Vaporizers

If you want to see our full list of desktop vapes, here are the best desktop vaporizers that are currently on the market. With desktop vaporizers you’re typically going to get a heavier vapor. This means when you’re medicating that you’ll get more medicated than you would with a portable. Desktop vapes are usually better for vapor quality and efficiency.

The Volcano Vaporizer 97/100

volcano vaporizer


The Volcano is my personal favorite vaporizer. I absolutely love this vape. It is one that I use every single day. The reason being? It has ridiculous efficiency (best out of all the vaporizers) and the vapor quality is incredible. Although it is expensive, I barely use any substance for vaping anymore. This has saved me over thousands of dollars. Depending upon the temperature you vape at, you can get about 4+ bags from a bowls worth of substance. It takes me about 1 bag to be at a comfortable feeling. And 2 bags to be feeling very good.

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The Herbalizer Vaporizer 94/100



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Portable Vaporizers

Here’s a full list of our best portable vaporizers.

A portable vaporizer can be great if you’re looking to take it on the go. It doesn’t need to be plugged in and runs on a battery so you are able to vape wherever you please.

Mighty Vaporizer

mighty vaporizer

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Crafty Vaporizer 90/100

crafty vaporizer 2

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Pax Vaporizer 89/100

black pax vaporizer

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Magic Flight Launch Box 84/100

magic flight launch box

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Pen Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber 84/100

dr dabber pen

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Looking for E-Cigarettes?

We also started covering e-cigs. You can go to our main page to check out our reviews.

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Additional Information

This page is going to help you find out which are the top vaporizers out there. We have compiled this page of all the reviews we have for ALMOST every vaporizer on the market.

On this site you can expect to find a plethora of reviews and video reviews. These video reviews were put up in order to help you find a vape that is right for you.

There are a lot of different vapes to pick from, which is why we decided to develop this site. Since we own a lot of different ones and our friends were always asking for our recommendations, we decided that putting up a website would be the best way to go about this. This way, when our friends and other people have questions, we can redirect them to this site so they can figure out which ones they like the most.

Our reviews are met by a strict criteria that you can read about here. We us a rating system of 0-100. These ratings were developed by thoroughly thinking about what would matter the most in a vaporizer. Since we have vaped so many different types we figured that we would be considered a good choice to create this rating criteria.

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