Pax Ploom 2.0 Customer Revew – Is it Better Than the First Version?

The Pax 2 recently just came out and it is one of the smallest portable vapes you can buy.

It currently ranks as the #2 best portable vaporizer. Go here to read all of our portable vape rankings.

I really like it for a couple of reasons.

Small – it is the size of your hand. Super compact and can pretty much take it anywhere you want.

Discreet – It doesn’t look like a vaporizer. When I vape in public, no one suspects that it is a vape for bud. Most people suspect that

Efficient – I really like the efficiency of it. You’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck when vaping. It’s not that absolute most efficient, but it’s definitely above average.

Comparing it to the Original

There are a few things that they improved, which has really made me happy.

Not as much Pull/Draw Resistance – Pull resistance with the original Pax was really bad. You weren’t able to take big draws AT ALL. It was still a good vape for on the go, but this is one of the main reasons I decided to rank other vapes like the Mighty, Crafty, and Arizer above it.

With the new Pax, the draw resistance is much improved. You can now take much bigger draws and I don’t see it to be too big of an issue.

The mouthpiece is no longer exposed into the world and all those germs. The new one has an interchangable mouthpieces where you can either have one that doesn’t go above the unit itself.

Other Choices

I like to take each section to show you what other vapes are available that are similar to the Pax and the major differences between them.

Crafty VaporizerThe Crafty – This vape is our #1 rated portable. It produces the best vapor by far for a portable. The quality is of the likes of the desktop vaporizer, the Volcano. It is a little bit bigger than the Pax but still portable.

Magic-Flight Launch Box VaporizerMagic Flight Launch Box – This is definitely not near as good of a vape as the Pax 2, however it is a lot cheaper and maintains the ability to travel easily. It’s messier and not near as effective (just a forewarning).

Arizer Air VaporizerArizer Air – This is quite a bit bigger than the Pax and moreso used for home use. I still like this vape and it is still portable. But it’s bigger for sure and difficult to just throw into your pocket.

Time to Decide

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a vape that you can throw into your pocket and be discreet with while maintaining a top notch vapor quality, the Pax 2 is going to be for you. We highly recommend it which is why it’s our #2 portable vape.

Where to Buy

If you’re looking to purchase the Pax 2, I recommend checking out Vape World. I get all my vapes at Vape World because they have the best prices and free overnight shipping. I also like the fact that they always have that vape in stock. If you go to a smoke shop, there’s a good chance they don’t have it in stock, or have the color you want in stock. You don’t have to worry about this stuff if you purchase it online. You can read by full article here why I always purchase online.

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