Our Ratings Sytem

How do we come up with our ratings? Here’s our criteria!

Vapor quality, ease and convenience of use, unit build quality, durability/reliability, cleaning/maintenance, efficiency, and price.

Vapor Quality – How clean is the vapor? Is it harsh?

Ease of Use – Is the vape easy to use? Is there a learning curve? Can you pick it up and vape from it without having to read a bunch of directions?

Quality of the Vaporizer – If you drop it, is it going to break? Is the material it is made out of nice?

Cleaning/Maintenance – Do you have to always clean it? Is it easy to clean? Do you have to clean it after every use?

Efficiency – How much bang for your buck do you get out of a bowl’s worth of bud? Does it fly through bud? Does it conserve it well?

Price – Is the price fair? Does it cost too much? Is it underpriced?