Puffco Peak Vaporizer Review: Good or Bad?

puffco peak review

In this Puffco Peak Vaporizer Review guide, we’ll unravel whether it’s a good or bad vape and whether or not you should buy it..So let’s get into it!

About the Puffco Peak

This vape from Puffco is portable but packs some serious innovation into a pretty cool looking rig. The Peak boasts fast charge time with the included charger, a battery that lasts around 30 dabs per charge, a sleek look, 4 temp settings, quick heat up and a top of the line vaping experience.

Look, but DON’T TOUCH

Just kidding. However, that may be what you tell your friends once you get this rig. First off, it comes in at $380 on Puffco.com which is a pretty penny but you certainly get what you pay for. Secondly, this rig just looks good. Too good for your friends to get their greasy prints all over it while you’re still breaking it in.

It comes in black and white and they both look sick! It also comes in a “lightning” variety which will cost you about $20 extra but then it will light up for you. You might say, I just wanna hit the rig and I don’t really care how it looks. Well this is a serious rig and if you’re a serious dabber, then the futuristic aesthetic is just a plus.


 One of the best things about this rig is the fact that you have 4 different heat setting ranging from 450 degrees to 600 degrees. On top of that, it doesn’t take long to get to those temperatures. Puffco says it will average about 20 seconds to heat up (oh I like it).

Digging a little deeper to get you the realest Puffco Peak review possible, users have said that it heats up quick (apparently no one timed it at home) and will even give you a little vibrate to let you know when to get that concentrate in there. The other thing you’re in control of is keeping this thing clean. Puffco recommends cleaning it very regularly and users say the same. The cleaner you keep it, the more efficient it is and the better taste you’ll get out of that wonderful concentrate.

Reviews Around the Internet

The only bad things I have found about the Peak come from users who sound bitter about the price or didn’t read the directions. Even those are few and far between. Most users say the same thing about this beauty; it looks great and vapes even better. The people who really like it are the ones who are talking about how they also take care of it and replace the atomizer when needed.

The others don’t like that they have to clean it often or replace the atomizer or even that its “not portable enough”. Well you are buying an actual rig that has its own heating element (no more torch!) and comes with a travel bag among other accessories with the purchase.

If you’re looking to buy a high end rig that looks great, hits better and has some seriously cool features, the Puffco Peak may be for you. I hope you found this Puffco Peak review helpful!