Best Puffco Peak Accessories for Sale Review

Puffco Peak accessories

To start, you get a decent amount of Puffco Peak accessories with your initial purchase of this vaporizer. After that, it is up to you to purchase more if you want to enhance your vaping experience or just change the look up a little.

What You Get

When you buy the Puffco Peak it comes in…wait for it… a box. However, in that box you not only get the vaporizer with an atomizer but you also get:

  • A Puffco carrying case – Its sleek, its inconspicuous, its practical.
  • Cleaning swabs (IMPORTANT!) – Puffco recommends swabbing the rig after each use. After you run out of the original supply, any other cotton swab will do the trick.
  • A loading tool – Thanks Puffco
  • A supercharger and micro-usb cable
  • Carb cap
  • One ceramic bowl – you can torch this bad boy in order to clean it (3 pack for $19.99)

The atomizer will eventually need to be changed out which is going to run you about $40 but daily users claim that their atomizer was good for about 3 months.

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Accessories You Can buy

Some users may just want the straight up rig, keep it on their desk or table and don’t think much about it unless they’re using it. However, if you want to jazz up your experience with some extra Puffco Peak accessories, they got you covered. Below is a little list of what you can get:

The Peak Travel Pack – $19.99

  • If you want to keep your rig ready to rock at all times, this is the way to go. This pack comes with 4 silicone pieces that you can wash with your dinner plates. Its got the Carb Cap tether that will attach the carb cap to the atomizer, a “backpack” that will attach to your rig and hold some cleaning swabs and a dab tool, a splash cap so you can get it ready to go without worrying about spills, and an atomizer cover. This currently comes in black or 3 other limited edition colors. Essentially, the travel pack plugs all the holes and adds some drop protection.

The Peak Carb Cap and Tether – $19.99

  • The carb cap is going to really enhance your experience with the vape. Use it to plug the atomizer and see how much more vapor you get. The tether is just going to keep it attached to the rig. I would just buy the travel pack unless you already broke your carb cap. You can also buy this in one of 6 different colors for an extra $10.

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The Peak Ball Cap and Tether – $24.99

  • This is actually pretty cool and worth it if you want something more than just the original carb cap. The ball cap allows you to rotate it to push the oil around while you still have the carb covered so you vaporize all that concentrate before you lift the cap. Get it colored for an $10 extra.

The Peak Colored Glass – $124.99

  • The regular glass and the colored glass come percolated so its wicked smooth. This will replace the original glass cone on your Peak vape to add some personalization. Comes in pink, black, purple, green, yellow and blue.

The Peak Glass Stand – $39.99

  • This is really just a display stand. I suppose it will also keep any glass you have for your Peak safe and out of the way.

You can also buy an extra/replacement glass for the Peak for $99.99. This will be the same one you took out of the original box. Half of these are just replacements but there are certainly some cool Puffco Peak accessories if you want to get your personalization on. Make sure to check out Ebay if you don’t like the prices.

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