Best Portable Vaporizers Reviewed for 2018 by Vaporizer Friend

Here’s our official list for our favorite portable vaporizers at the moment.

1) The Crafty

This is a Storz and Bickel vaporizer that produces vapor quality similar to the infamous Volcano. I rank it #1 because of its vapor quality and how easy it is to carry this guy around.

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2) The Mighty

This is the bigger version of the Crafty. It still produces amazing vapor quality, but I put it at #2 because you can’t really put it into your pocket. This is more of a unit for around the house that is portable.

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3) The Pax

The Pax by Ploom is perfect to take with you on the go. Anytime I leave the house I either have the Crafty or the Pax with me. The reason it’s #3 is because it can fit into your pocket and produces good vapor quality. Only downside is that you can’t take big draws from it.

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4) V2 Pro Pen

This wouldn’t be a list if we didn’t include a pen! This pen is able to vape dry herb, which is unlike any other pen on the market. It does a pretty good job vaping and produces pretty good vapor. This is really the only pen that does a good job for dry herb pen vaping.

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5) Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber is my favorite vape pen for vaping concentrates/wax. I have found it to be the highest quality pen for this on the market. There are also attachments for it that can make the vapor even smoother than it already is, which is sweet. It does a great job and has an instant heat up time.

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6) Arizer Air

This is a solid portable vape for people who are on a budget. It is high quality and if I needed to spend less than $175 on one, this is the one that I would get. A lot of people really like this one as it produces good vapor and has a more affordable price tag.

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7) Magic Flight Launch Box

The MFLB is a good starter vape. It’s also good for people who are on a budget. This vape can get the job done, but a lot of people end up upgrading. There’s a little bit of a learning curve to it unlike many of the other vapes. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty good vape.

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8) The Haze

Dope vaporizer that you can use with herb, wax, and oil. It also has dual chambers, which is very nice. I like how small it is as well.

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In Recent Years

Portable vaporizers have become super popular in the recent years. As technology has advanced so have the vaporizers. So about 8 years ago there were very few portables that you could buy. Nowadays there are probably over 20 that are on the market. A lot are still not that great but the ones that we have above are all worth purchasing…well one of them anyways.

You can tell they have become a lot more popular thanks to all the news articles that have come out about them, as well as legislatures having a field day with whether or not to ban indoor use.

Why Do People Like Portables?

People will each have their favorite reason as to why they like them. But here’s a few reasons why I like them…

1) Take them with you

Pretty self explanatory from the word portable…But hey man..if ya don’t know you can transport these babies. This means that you can take it with you anywhere. A lot of them you are able to fit into your pocket, while there are others that you can’t do this with.

2) Battery Operated

The battery is what allows you to take the vape with you and truly makes it portable. This means that you don’t have to plug it in when you use it.

3) It’s Small

What better than to throw it into your pocket and be able to carry it with you. Because they are smaller they don’t stand out as much too!

4) Discretion

When you are vaping from these a lot of people have no idea you’re vaping bud. People 99% of the time think it’s e cig.

5) Outdoors Use

Since you’re able to carry these guys, they make for ideal outdoor use. A lot of times it can be windy out doors..Well, with a vape you don’t have to worry about that wind at all!