Plenty Vaporizer Review: How Do We Like It?

9.1 Overall

Heavy Hitter
Vapor Quality
Vapor Density
High quality
Minimal Maintenance


Heat up Time
Has to be Plugged In
Might be Annoying to Share With


The Plenty is a very high quality vape from the infamous manufacturers, Storz and Bickel. It is probably the heaviest hitting vape on the market. This baby absolutely rips and that's why people like it.

Vapor Quality9.5
Vapor Density10
Ease of Use9.5
Heat Up Time8

The Plenty is an extremely high quality desktop vape put out by the company, Storz and Bickell. These are the same people that make the Volcano, Mighty, and Crafty vaporizers.

Overall, we’ve ranked it relatively high on this site for a desktop vape. At this current time, it comes in at 4th when ranking our desktop units.

It is kind of an interesting unit because it is handheld, but we deem it a desktop vape due to the fact that it has to be plugged in to work.

What I Like

Vapor Quality – Very Good vapor quality. The quality is just a step down from the Volcano in my opinion.

Vapor Density – You can ABSOLUTELY RIP THIS THING. It’s probably the best vape in terms of density and being able to rip it to create some thick vapor.

The Look – Some people don’t like this feature, but I certainly do. I think it’s super unique and I like unique looking things. A lot of times my friends are excited to vape from a “power tool” as they like to put it.

The Coil/Whip – Rather than being some piece of shit plastic tube, the whip is extremely high quality..It bends well too. I really like it this way as opposed to the junky plastic tubes that are usually the whips. I usually hate whips, but this one is sweet.

What I Don’t Like

It has to be plugged in – I’m not gonna lie, it’s annoying. I live in an old California house and I don’t have that many outlets in my living room. I can’t use this unit in that room unless I have an extension cord ridiculous.

Not an Everyday Vape for Me – This one is personal preference for me..Sometimes I don’t want to get super medicated to oblivion. I prefer bags when it comes to desktop vapes. That’s just my personal preference. The Plenty is a heavy hitter and for only certain times for me.

Annoying to Share With – Don’t get me wrong my friends love it. But with the cord having to be plugged in, depending on the setup it can be a pain in the ass. Rather than passing it, you’ll have to physical get up and go to where the vape is plugged in. If you’re looking for a vape that you’ll consistently share with friends, you will probably want to go with a different unit. You have to have a nice sharing setup for this annoyance to not occur.

Why Do People Buy The Plenty?

The Plenty is for people who want to be able to rip a vape and take in a large amount of vapor. They buy it because it’s the heaviest hitter and one of the strongest vapes on the market.

Compared to Other Vapes

If you want a desktop vape, you’ll want to check out some of the other options. You can click here to check out our top 10 desktop vapes. But you’re really gonna want to pay attention to 3 options…

The Volcano, Herbalizer, and Arizer Extreme Q. You can click here to see the rankings for the desktop units.

These are all more traditional and very high quality desktop vapes. Of course we recommend the Volcano because it has the best vapor quality, efficiency (don’t use as much bud), maintenance, and longevity. You can go here to check out the Volcano.

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer, there are a lot of options.

I suggest you just go check out our article here that lists all the top portables. If I had to compare one similar to the Plenty that is portable, it would be the Arizer Air. It absolutely rips like the Plenty, but it is small and portable, meaning you don’t have to plug it in.

Where to Buy?

If you’re gonna buy this vape, we recommend purchasing it on Vape World. The Plenty is plenty difficult to find in stores..Almost impossible..And I live in California. Ordering from Vape World you’ll get the price and free overnight shipping, which is dope.

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Nice vaporizer
Have had the Plenty for over 2 years with zero problems. Very good vape. I recently turned my friends onto vaping so I'm getting the volcano next. It's much easier to share a bag.
May 29, 2015, 9:46 pm
Overall Happiness with Vape9.5
How Likely to recommend?9.5
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