Top Oil Vaporizer Pens to Buy Reviewed by Vape Friend

We have reviewed a boat load of vaporizer pens on this site.

On this page you’ll find our 5 favorite vape pens for oil. Some of these pens even work with dry herbs and wax too.

Just to clear up some confusion – some people think that you need a vape designed specifically for oil, but really you only need a any electronic cigarette so you can put the oil in.

Best 5 Oil Vape Pens






Which One to Buy?

We recommend going to the V2 pro series. We found this one to be the best all around for oils. This is no surprise because it is coming from an electronic cigarette company where vaping the oil and juice is more prevalent than in the marijuana community. We also like this unit because it gives you some flexibility. If you decide that you want to use it for dry arms or for waxing your going to be able to do just that. On the other units above aren’t going to have this type of flexibility while maintaining quality. There’re a couple other units that have the flexibility, but they’re not near as nice and don’t vape near as well.

Thinner Oil Is Better

The thinner the oil typically the better it is going to be. You need to be careful when you are buying the oil because you will find that not all that is going to just plug-in and work properly. Sometimes it is too thick and you’re not able to be from it very well. This is why you want to go as thin as possible. We’ve done that typically the thinner it is, the better experience you’re going to have with it.

About Cartridges

There are a lot of pens out there that requires you to have a certain cartridge to be able to bake with them. We haven’t recommended any of these above because you can take any of these winds up at your local dispensary. We also don’t think that these very very well. The reason being is that you’re not going to be able to rip it at all and get a lot of consistent clouds. This is why we like to personally use our own e cig setups or the recommended units above. some of the more popular cartridges are the Bhang stick and Ultra Vape.