Top Vaporizer Pens Reviewed

There are a few different categories that people use pens with.

1) Vaporizer Pens For Weed/Herbs – These are vape pens where you load it up with actual bud.

2) Vaporizer Pens for Oil – These are pens where you’re going to be either buying cartridges of oil or you will be putting in your own oil/juice.

3) Vaporizer Pens for Wax – These are pens for wax where you’re essentially taking a dab, but through a pen.

There are a lot of different pens that people use

Best 7 Vaporizer Pens on the Market

G Pen

V2 Pro Series 3

Dr. Dabber

Figure Out What Category of Pen You Want?

Why Pens Are Awesome?


Probably the biggest reason why I like them and a lot of other people like him is because they’re incredibly discreet. You could pop on these in Disney world and people would have absolutely no idea. People think is just another E cigarette or something along those lines. There’s been countless times where I’ve taken Dr. dabber or did she panned out with me into public. Even on a busy street I have popped it in because the wax is little bit different it’s not like a super weed type smell that draws attention.

Super Portable

The next biggest reason I like it is because you can take it with you anywhere is the most portable vaporizer out there. When you compare them with the portable vaporizers these pens are so much smaller. There’re also a lot more portable because they are so small. However, portable vapes have better performance.

Super Passable

The pens are just awesome to share with. They’re super easy pass and they all are pretty durable too. So even if you drop it while passing is probably going to be all okay.

The Downside of Pens

Not as good of a session

Whether I’m using the pen for wax, oil, or herbs I just never can’t really replicate the high that I get when I take it by more traditional methods. So for example, when I’m taking a dab from the doctor dabber pen, I don’t get as medicated as I would if I her taking it from a traditional rig.

The same thing goes for when I am using V2 Pro Series 3 with herbs. It’s just not as effective as a desktop or many of the portables out there. It’s still cool and nice to have though.

Not big chambers

The other major downside is that there’s just not big chambers. This means that you might have possibly keep reloading of the head when you want to continue sleeping. That’s what kind of stinks about it because if you are using it out about your going to have to whip out the herb or the wax and load it back up.

Our Recommendation

if you still are looking for a pen, then by all means go and get it. They’re good little contraptions in for less than 150 bucks you can get a pretty nice one. So it’s not like you really have to break the bank on it. However before you go out and get one each probably should just go check out some of the other vaporizers out there.

Since you are looking for a pen vape I’m gonna take that you are looking for something that’s portable and small and you can use on the go. So with that said I want to show you guys a couple of other portable vase out there.might do the job. So if you want to see these, go here to this article and you can read more about all of our portable vaporizers. I recommend checking out the packs because the small industry but you’ll get a lot more medicated than you would with a pen.