Pax Vs. Pax 2: What’s the Difference Between the Units?

Both of these vapes are very nice. They are portable, discreet, and super easy to use.

The Pax 2 is the newest version of the Pax. It has superior technology and performs a lot better than the Pax 1. Here’s what has been improved from the first version.

What’s Improved With the Pax 2


It’s a little bit smaller than the Pax 1. This means that it’s more discreet when using it in public.

Better Vapor Density

You are able to take way bigger draws than you can with the Pax 1. The Pax 1 is really tough to get bigger draws from – you’re not able to “rip it” at all really. The Pax 2 performs a lot better. Especially if you keep the unit from clogging.

Better Vapor Quality and Taste

With the Pax 1, the oven cooked a little too much for my taste sometimes. The cooking in the oven is a lot more evenly distributed in the Pax 2..Thus you get better vapor quality and taste.

Less Maintenance

You had to do quite a bit of cleaning with the Pax 1 – otherwise no vapor would come out of it. The mouth piece gets a bunch of crap on it. On the 2, it is a much more free flowing unit and requires less cleaning to continue to operate it.

Removable Mouthpiece

On the Pax 1 there is a mouthpiece that is permanently attached on the top. It is exposed at all time. This is kind of annoying and gross. With the Pax 2, you can either use it without the mouthpiece or put on a mouthpiece that is exposed, but you’re able to take it off!

Is it Worth the Extra Money?

Yes! We think it does justify the extra $75 or so extra dollars. There are a lot of improvements with the Pax 2 and they did a great job fixing all the main issues with the Pax 1.

Where to Buy

You can get it from ther official website, however we don’t recommend it because you have to pay for shipping and handling, which is always over $20+. The only other place that sells it online is VapeWorld. VapeWorld has free overnight shipping. As get your vape the next day and don’t pay any extra..meaning that the Pax is much cheaper on VapeWorld than on

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