Pax 3 VS Mighty Comparison Review: Which is Better?

Every Vape is renowned for its own specific quality, but when it comes to Pax 3 VS Mighty, the competition is really tough.

There are 3 main things to look up when deciding over a vaporizer, the convenience of carrying it out, the vapor it produces and look & feel. This comparison will help you grasp the depth of both of these vaporizers and will make it easy to select. We will compare each vape by comprehending all the factors and features that it possess.

Design and feasibility

The viability of these portable vaporizers is quite good,as the first one weighs only 93g which makes it easy to fit in the pocket. Mighty is 230g which is larger than others but it is still perfectly portable. If you’re looking for a classy and glossy design with a polished aluminum body, you should go for Pax 3 only.

We know that most you love your vaporizer in a more elegant and stylish way. It might disappoint you to know that Mighty is not that stylish in outer look, in fact, it has the plastic body.

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Pax 3 use the conduction heating it is 15 seconds speedier than the Mighty, but then Mighty use convection and conduction heating. Now, is it confusing? Let’s take it  in an easy way, both can be used for both herb and any other that makes them worth the fame among people who love to switch between the 2.

I hope you can find out the finest choice through the comparison of Pax 3 VS Mighty. For now, the latter has gained more points on quality and all other preferable feature. But, customer reviews can create a great impact on your decision.

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Vapor Quality

Pax 3 conveys the ready message through LED lights instead of the screen but the lip sense technology wins at this point. Plus it is desired by most people because of the pure flavor and density.

On the contrary, Mighty has the precise temperature control with 2 button system. The LED screen exhibit temperature and battery life. It also vibrates when the temperature reaches to the desired degree. It may be a simple but its aromatic pure vapor and link with desktop vaporizer ‘Volcano’ make it a preferable choice.

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Battery Life

Mighty vaporizer‘s battery will last for 90 minutes of the continuous vaping session. But as the matter of fact and also a surprise, Pax 3 delivers a similar battery timing to enjoy the continuous session.

But Mighty vaporizers win here too because it will give 8-10 0.2g spaces whereas Pax 3 will only give 5 or so 0.2 g chambers.

Other substantial factors

Pax 3 needs more cleaning and it is cheaper than Mighty. Well, the plus point about it is the profound look & feel in hand. However, Mighty doesn’t require too much cleaning but it is costly than others.

So, In the battle of Pax 3 vs Mighty it seems really fair that Mighty is the winner for regular users but Pax 3 goes great for occasional consumers.

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