Pax 3 VS Crafty Comparison Review: Who is the Winner?

Pax 3 VS Crafty

This is a post about a comparison review between Pax 3 VS Crafty, we will have a thourough analysis of the good and the bad between these products.

It is a little bit challenging to decide on behalf of someone’s opinion, as everyone has their own perception and they go along with their convenient choice.

You don’t have to go for an obvious choice which we know that it is Crafty. Don’t be judgmental at this stage of the article. Let the information flow and then decide your best choice between the two. This article is about comparing the features possessed by both vaporizers. So, let the details of each vape decide the best.

The Quality

Pax 3:
Pax 3 is known for its smooth and flavorful draws. You can also get some decent vapor production at high temperatures but it is relatively harsher. However, due to the conduction unit, the flavor fades away really quick into a session. As the airflow is restricted in this unit, you will have to need to improve your technique to enjoy a perfect draw.

Crafty is the favorite of all because of an easy draw. Yes, it is because the airflow in this unit is less restricted. Convection heating helps you enjoy the flavor of the material for longer sessions. The best about crafty is that convection vapor is more flavorful even at the high temperatures.

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Crafty VaporizerPax 3:
Pax 3 is convenient to carry around as it can easily fit in your pocket. But as it requires charging through charging dock which makes it less portable than USB charged units. It has a 1 to 1 ½ hours of battery life which a good thing.

Now in a battle of Pax 3 VS Crafty, crafty has got a winning point because of the USB unit. However, the battery life is only 45 minutes of use per charge. Yes, it is a little inconvenient.

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Material Quality

Advertisement and link for PAX 3 Complete Kit at VapeWorld.comPax 3:
It is little vaporizer that is good feel to the hand, plus the stainless steel chamber makes it more of the best product. However, the glossy aluminum body of the container can leave fingerprints which can be ignored.

I might not have magical look and feel but the cooling system in the unit offers the great smooth draw and that will surely cover up for the look.

So, did you decide yet that who is the winner, Pax 3 or Crafty? If still need to know more, get along with further information.

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Feasibility to use

On a good stand both vaporizers easy to operate and have a Bluetooth app to control temperature. But there are some features that differentiate them for each other and appreciated by different kind of consumers.

Pax 3:
Its app provides the four preset temperatures and one programmable temperature. Set the temperature of your choice to enhance the time and experience.

It has only 2 temperatures but the bonus is that you can change these them into the operating range of temperatures that you want.

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Final Thoughts

The most lovable thing about Pax 3 is the variety of colors and the 10-year warranty. The temperature range is 182C to 215C along with a programmable temperature. Also, the battery is replaceable if required.

The internal battery of Crafty makes it a unique vaporizer; it can last for 40 to 60 hours. The temperature range is 170C to 215C.

Well, it seems that in a comparison of Pax 3 VS Crafty, the crafty is the best choice but it is still up to you.