One of the Reasons Why I took up Vaping..

I’ve been vaping for about a year now. I got into vaping when I said ok..enough! I need to stop using tobacco. I’m not going too going to my full story. If you want to remind. Or you can go here. But basically, I decided that I need to make you change my lifestyle. There was a week or two that I had gone without using tobacco and it was a horrible experience. I didn’t realize that just because I put a little tobacco mixed in with my marijuana that it cost that big of a difference. I was actually addicted to the stuff and I needed to just stop it all together.

I just knew that there was no way I was going to keep smoking and expect to live long.

So to the point of this post…I stopped because I developed a cough. The cough was probably one of the most irritating things and it is what pushed me over the edge with saying I needed to quit. I knew that if I was coughing, I was going to develop a permanent smoker’s cough. Furthermore, if I’m coughing…How bad must my lungs be? Pretty freaking bad…

I ended up eliminating tobacco and turned to the vaporizer for my marijuana use. It was difficult at first..But I got the job done.

And if you’re out there still smoking tobacco..Just take a look at this picture and ask yourself…Do I want to continue to live this way?

lungsJust wow…I mean look at that shit. That’s fucking awful.

The Results From Vaping

After about a month and a half my smoker’s cough finally went away. The vape is not near as harsh on my lungs, which is huge for me. I don’t want a horse voice.