Mighty vs Firefly 2 Comparison Review: Which is Better?

This summer, I got the perfect chance to test the best two vaporizers currently in the market, yes, the Mighty vs Firefly 2. Both of these knock-out brands are worth to use.

Since their launch in 2012, these two have been on the top of the comparison charts and have been providing innovative changes in their models.

The review today will certainly provide you the chance to look into and make the purchase of a lifetime.

Something about the devices

Firefly 2 VaporizerStarting from the Firefly 2, the innovative style vaporizer is the 2nd device by the company and is equipped with the latest technological assistance, the mobile app that can control the temperature setting and provide assistance in checking the battery life for longer usage.

The convection style vaporizer allows the user to heat the herb at an even temperature. Furthermore, get a nice hit allowing the heat to pass through the air for a tasteful flavor.

Mighty on the other hand is built by Storm & Bickel is the perfect vaporizer that provides you the fyaaah session.

To be honest, the battery of the Mighty is sufficient to provide you a couple of hours tokes. Furthermore, you can easily get the vaping that has the quality to make it a good hit.

One of the devices is my favorite while the other has the price tag which attracts my pocket, so the Mighty VS FireFly2  stance for comparison still has a lot to share.

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Which device is good with cleaning?

The Mighty gives you a delightful session and both of them are a good conductor for cleaning if you are planning to use them regularly.

In the Mighty, a good amount of gook is provided under the hood which allows you to clean it in one go.  Whereas, the Firefly 2 had a magnetic lid.

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The technology fever in the units

Mighty VaporizerThe technology in the FireFly 2 ensures that the herbs are evenly heated for the perfect taste. Just to buzz around, make sure that the temperature is carefully selected. Moreover, never try to overstock the chamber, which might result in unpleasurable experience.

Mighty is the best for technology use. The built-in LED provides you excellent access to the control system. Additionally, making sure that you change the temperature when required.

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What is great about the units?

Well, both of these units have the vapor quality that provides a great flavor. Mighty has a digital display allowing the user to view the temperature and the battery timings.  With a good battery backup and heating chamber, the dose can be adjusted accordingly to make it portable.

Firefly 2, on the other hand, has a convection heating system which is simple to use. Furthermore, very easy to put in the pocket.

Final thought

It is very hard to improvise which unit is the best or good to use, but my experience with both of them was positive. The Mighty VS Firefly 2 review will be a good one in the future as your comments will certainly like me to test these units further.

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