Firefly 2 Vs The Crafty Comparison: Which is the Best?

Firefly 2 VS the Crafty

The purpose of this, Firefly 2 VS the Crafty review is to provide you with the difference in the workmanship of my top picks from the high-end portable vaporizers and these both are similar in quite a number of ways.

It is a common phenomenon that the market for any product is very much competitive and loads of products are available with endless varieties in the market and versatile features. Thus making it difficult for users to find the best.

The reason for choosing these 2 high-end portable vaporizers is that both of these vaporizers have an outstanding vapor quality and both come in small factors which will make you read the review to get the best for you.

The Firefly 2 – Portable Powerhouse (Upgraded)

Just check this! The Firefly 2 is the latest and the upgraded model of one of the best Vaporizer manufacturers. It is already an established brand.

This upgraded version has been designed as a two-piece model. Having a slim chamber which is a route for the vapor providing time to cool down allowing the user to feel the taste of the flavor. This is definitely a hit and most favorite to keep on the top shelf.

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The Crafty – Portable Masterpiece (Top Shelf)

What do you think! The amazing product from Storz & Bickel’s is developed by the German vaporizer manufacturer after years of communication and sharing the market review about the problem from other vaporizers and the company was looking for something which does not need to be plugged in the standard wall outlet to operate.

The German company created the one and only double-pronged attack and set the high standards of vaporization for years to come.

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Time-out break

Now, as the summer is approaching, these two notable vaporizers in the market will be facing many knock-off brands but the innovation and the market appeal is awesome in both products. One thing is for sure that the next time when you plan to get your next handheld portable vaporizer. You will certainly check my Firefly 2 VS the Crafty review to choose anyone from the two.

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Firefly2 over the Crafty – Mechanics

Checking the performance, I might be a big fan of the conventional method of charging and the cleaning. And also the loading of the herbs and power on/off switch. Crafty has a very complicated design and many moving parts, in case one is missed. The vaporizer will not function properly. Whereas, the Firefly2 is simply a 2 piece product that easily provides the cleaning.

Crafty over the Firefly – Functionality

Over the years, functionality has been the key for Crafty due to the smooth airflow. No matter how impressive the Firefly design and the performance is, the Crafty stall has the perfect convection design and has better airflow.

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Final thoughts

Now, as I have been using both vaporizers do some time now, I learn a lot after writing this Firefly 2 VS the Crafty article and wanted to share that I am using Crafty more because vapor quality is great and effectiveness of the product.