Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Reviewed Objectively

What are the best electronic ciagrette brands? Find out with our reviews.

Our site is unique in the sense we don’t just the reviews for the product yourself, But we have to community what their thoughts are. We are able to pull the community because they have offered a lot of good insight on this page and on the Internet, but don’t necessarily run their own website. This is why we open up on the site to reviews. So on this page you’re going to find our top five favorites as well as some of our other favorites for particular actions. For example, there is an east cigarette that resembles a cigarette the most and then there’s other cigarettes that produce the most paper and so forth. But they don’t necessarily know that they’re the best overall. She’s going to find our recommendations as well as what you are saying about it on this page.

Our Top Picks


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In the News

E-Cigs have been in the news quite a lot lately. Many people have been questioning whether or not they are actually safe. Additionally, people have been up in arms to get them banned from public areas. People are comparing them a lot of traditional cigs, however the vapor does not smell. It is a unique and gray area currently going on. Many cities don’t know whether or not to ban them, while many cities already have banned their use indoors.

Helping People Quit

One of the main benefits to vaping is that you are able to control your nicotine levels. The liquid that you put into the ecig can contain however much amount of nicotine that you want. This allows you to slowly put less and less nicotine in your liquid over time. This is why the ecig/vaporizer make it a great way to be able to quit. Quitting cold turkey can be tough, but gradually quitting and lowering your nicotine levels gradually over time can make it much easier to quit.

Is it actually healthier?

The debate is still out. People presume that it is safer because it’s VAPOR not smoke. Smoke contains a lot of nasty crap. The vapor isn’t near as bad for your teeth, but in terms of lungs, the debate is still ongoing. Some people say that it is healthier, while other people say that it’s not. You are still relying on nicotine.

Saving Money

The liquid costs a lot less and you can get a lot more bang for buck than traditional cigs. Myself, my friends, and thousands of other people across the world have saved thousands of dollars all thanks to the liquid. It is much cheaper than buying cigs.