Dr. Dabber Boost Review: Is it Good? Is it Bad?

Within a month of the purchase, I planned to write about the Dr. Dabber boost review as this is the ultimate experienced that I have tasted which is without the health risks. And, also without the sacrificing of the taste of flavor.

What is it?

Simple, the Dr. Dabber boosts provides a unique enjoyment that you feel with your vaporizer. The Dr. Dabber boost is a replicate to the expensive dabbing system that uses the water filtration process. The working of the boost is very simple and easy. This nail has a larger heating element and is built with titanium.

This portable device is essential for device heating system, as it works with simple buttons. This boost can provide you upto 30 uses in a single battery boost.

What is in the KIT?

The package comes with a magnetic cap made from Quartz, titanium, and Ceramic. The new package includes a keychain, medical graded storage containers, and wipes.

The Kit includes:

  • Boost Box
  • Water attachment (Glass)
  • Quartz Nail
  • Ceramic Nail
  • Titanium Nail
  • Magnetic tool kit
  • Medical storage containers (2 pcs)
  • Magnetic cap
  • Dabber Keychain

Is the box luxury

The impressive box certainly protects the kit, even though the wooden hexagon shaped box is perfect for traveling as the foam will help the items protected.

The boost can be compared with a pen as it is slightly heavy or relatively large than the kit while holding. Due to the protective and comfortable size, the boost is a traveling companion and compact.

To learn more about the Dr. Dabber boost, read this review or watch the video.

How is the look and is it easy to use the boost?

Yeah, the boost is good in style and the looks are perfect to be called the pocket drive. The black matte finish look keeps the boost simple and elegant. It also gives the feel of a solid unit that you would like to take on a journey or at the party. Moreover, it’s a perfect home device.

What about the temperatures? Does it is about the nails?

Not at all, the boost offers three nails. All of them are with different vaping sessions that suit according to the taste. The main feature of the boost is that it gives according to the cloud size and each session.

The nails are large and flat that can accommodate the dabs that can be more than the domed nails. Some of the users are good with the setting of the temperature while others are not too flexible.

What is the quality of the vapor?

The vapor quality is excellent and the taste is outstanding. However, I have tried it at low temperature and the vapor was extremely outstanding. The cool glass attachments also provide great water filtration to produce vapor tastes.

Final thoughts

I was totally blown away with the performance however, the Dr. Dabbar boost review will also highlight the personalized vaping experience and the choice of selecting different vapes.