Does the Pax 3 Vaporizer Smell?

Does the Pax Vaporizer smell? In all honesty, yes. But the scent is incredibly faint and doesn’t linger for a long period of time. It is possible to minimally prevent the smell, but it comes down to use frequency, what you intend to smoke (dry herb or oil), how often you clean your vaporizer and the vape you’re using. Pax Vapor has released 3 different vaporizers in its time. The Era, Pax 2 and the Pax 3. In my opinion the Pax 3’s technology gives you your best bet to keep your smoking habit to yourself and not disturb your neighbors.

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Been There, Done That.

PAX 3 VaporizerOdds are if you’re a smoker you have someone or somebody close to you that’s against it. It may be your parents, a roommate or maybe a neighbor perhaps? I’ve been in your same situation. Opening windows. Fans on full blast. Towels underneath the door. Continuous use of sploofs, candles, in scents and air freshener. Sound familiar? I bet it does. I’ve searched countless hours for techniques and ways to be discreet to be able to do what I love. And that’s smoke! In November 2016 Pax Vapor released its newest product, the Pax 3. I’ve had experience with multiple vaporizers and I truly believe this is head and shoulders above its competition. The Pax 3 gives you your best opportunity to smoke but not disturb those close to you. This is all because of its newest technology which I will tell you more about below.

Say Goodbye to Sploofs!

The Pax 3 implements a new function never seen on its products in years past. They call this ‘Stealth Mode’. This essentially gives you the option to adjust the temperature in at which it burns your flower or oil. At a lower temp the Pax 3’s cooling mechanism is optimized, and it stops generating a smell right after its been used. This device also maximizes it’s cooking process, so your product is burning for a shorter period time. Hence, a lower opportunity to produce an odor.

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Tricks of the Trade

Let’s be honest. Using a vaporizer or not, were still smoking. When your smoking that produces smoke, which produces an odor. We are helping ourselves immensely by using the Pax 3 but after continuous use we can’t forget to take care of our belongings. Clean your vape frequently! I personally recommend once a week. Once every two weeks tops. Stock up on Q-Tips, Pipe Cleaners and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. You’ll need these to clean the inside of the oven. I also recommend running the Q-Tip along the mouthpiece. Let’s not waste anymore time here. Go purchase your Pax 3 today and smoke care-free. Happy Vaping!

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