Top Desktop Vaporizers Reviewed: Which Ones Are Awesome?

On this page you’re going to find a compiled list of the top desktop vapes. We’ve found all of these vapes to perform incredibly well. If you want to read more about the vape and our full review, be sure to click “read review” within the section for the vaporizer you’re reading about.

Best 5 Desktop Vapes

Surprisingly, there are not THAT many desktop vapes on the market. Most people are going with portable nowadays. I am still a big fan of the desktop vape because I work from my desk and home all day.

1) The Volcanovolcano vaporizer

Our clear cut winner is the Volcano. It is the #1 rated vape on our website and thus the #1 rated desktop vaporizer. No other desktop or portable vape even comes close.

It produces ridiculously good vapor and gives you the ability to vape at the exact temperature you prefer. The efficiency behind this unit is absolutely insane. You can get so much “BANG FOR YOUR BUD”. Although it has a high price tag of $380+, it has actually saved me over thousands of dollars because I use way less herb than I typically would if I were rolling joints or smoking bowls.

The maintenance is incredibly minimal and only requires you to brush off the chamber every now and then. I bought the Volcano 6 years ago and it still works the exact same as the first time I used it. You can’t say this for pretty much any vape.

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2) The Herbalizer


Unreal vaporizer. Produces incredible vapor quality. Pretty much neck and neck with the Volcano in terms of how awesome it is. A couple reasons though that it is #2 and not #1.. For starters, it costs a couple hundred dollars more than the Volcano and it performs just a smidge below it. Next, it requires more maintenance than Volcano. Last, it is kind of bulky on your desk. Overall, insane vaporizer though. The price is a little too high for me to justify getting the Herbalizer over the Volcano if contemplating to buy a new desktop unit.

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3) Arizer Extreme Q

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.06.37 PM

The main competitor of the Volcano is the Extreme Q. The major difference between the two units is that the Extreme Q is able to do balloons/bags, as well as have the ability to vape out of a whip. The price is about $100 cheaper. All together, the unit is more cheaply made than the Volcano though. It also doesn’t produce near as good of vapor as the Volcano. However, it is still a solid vape and great for people starting out who want something above average, but can’t fork out the rest for a Volcano.

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4) The Plenty

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.07.05 PM

The Plenty is made by Storz and Bickel, the same company that makes the Volcano. The unit is unique in that it almost looks like a power tool while sitting on your desk. The reason that people get this vape is that it has the best vapor density hands down. You are absolutely able to RIP this thing better than any other vape. You take your draws straight from the attached whip and ooooh it is strong. Vapor quality is really good too. It is more of a handheld unit, however it still needs to be plugged in so it’s not truly portable.

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WARNING: The Next 2 vapes, the quality drops significantly.

5) Silver Surfer

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.07.36 PM

The Silver Surfer is one sleek looking vape that looks really good on a desk. The vapor quality is pretty average. This unit gets quite a bit of flack because it’s glass and can break rather easily. This is big because at a high price tag of $270, you could get the Volcano for an extra $100. Really, this is your standard desktop vape. I think upgrading to the Volcano for an extra $100 is completely worth it.

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6) Arizer V Tower

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.07.54 PM

This is from the same company that makes the Extreme Q. The V-Tower is their lower end product that is much more affordable. The major differences between this and the Extreme Q is that this vape only has a whip to take draws form. You won’t be able to do the balloon or bag. If you are just starting out and don’t want to throw down a bunch of money, this vape is going to be for you. You’re going to get an above average desktop vape that doesn’t break easily.

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Which One Should I Get

The Volcano if you really want the best. No desktop vape comes close to it in my opinion. A lot of people go with the Extreme Q due to price. However, the Volcano just produces a lot better vapor quality in my opinion. Also, a lot of people have reported their Extreme Q not functioning properly after heavy usage and a couple years. Basically the Volcano is almost a guarantee to make it 5+ years, where as the Extreme Q is more likely to not last that long.

If you are just starting out and don’t have $400+ to spend on the Volcano, then go with the Arizer V. Tower which is affordable and still half decent. If you go with any other vape not on this list, I would be a little skeptical of it 1) not producing that great of vapor or 2) going to break rather easily.

Where to Buy?

We recommend purchasing your new vape on VapeWorld. There are a couple of reasons. 1) Free Overnight Shipping and 2) Availability. This is huge because a lot of smoke shops are not going to carry these vaporizers on hand. Especially if you want a certain color of the unit.

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