DaVinci IQ VS PAX 3 Comparison Review: Which is Better?

The vaping industry sees a lot of new model launches and DaVinci IQ VS PAX 3 was expected as these two models from different companies.

These two were launched at the same time, making a comparison review a must for me.

The main purpose to go for the review of this portable vape with same looks but some differences were the many common things that are used in these products and just the looks and the different using style change the stances of success. So, have a look at the review and decide which one is better for you.

What is the SAME in these two products?

Apart from the heating feature and the same warranty periods in both of these vapes, the PAX 3 and the DaVinci IQ have different features that are from the oven to the mouthpiece, the colors and the vapor quality. Both of them have more than 90 minutes of vaping time – which is actually not bad.

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What about the Durability and Size of these products? And, are they both Portable?

Well, one question too many… the portability can be judged from the weight in which the PAX 3 wins as it weighs only 90 grams as compared to the IQ which weighs around 145 grams. The heavy weight of the IQ is not downsized, but it makes the user feel solid and durable in hands.

Both of these units are not heavy on the pockets. The conformability allows the unit to be used even when riding the bike. I personally have used these vapes on bike rides and faced no problem at all.

Talking about the dimension, the PAX 3 is taller than the IQ, but the slimmer profile of the PAX 3 makes it more eye-catchy than the palm unit of DaVinci IQ.

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Well, I cannot guarantee the durability of the DaVinci IQ yet. I only have dropped it once from a good height and it is still performing well. But, after years of using the PAX, I definitely stand with the reliability and the durability of this PAX 3. Yet, the polish and the scratches are not any faults.

So, I’ll certainly keep an eye on any update, so keep watching.

Now, when we are about to end the DaVinci IQ VS PAX 3 review. I would certainly check the vapor quality and the support services which are provided by these companies.

Which one to choose?

If you are in doubt to get the PAX 3 and want to vape the herbs and the concentration of the flowers. Yet not worried about the advanced features like app and stuff like this. Go for PAX 3 as it’s an excellent way to enter the vape world where you will enjoy – till long.

But, if you are concerned about the features and the swappable batteries, the DaVicni IQ has the lead.

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Final thoughts

Looking at the DaVinci IQ VS PAX 3 style and many of the common features, it really comes down to the appearance and the personal preference. But, the low price of the PAX 3makes a more superior value over the DaVinci IQ. Feel free to ask any concerns.

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