DaVinci IQ vs Mighty Comparison: Which is Better?

In this post, let me share some facts about Davinci IQ vs Mighty, I will point out what is good and bad with these two amazing vaporizers.

Today, the vaporizer industry is one of the growing industries that has many features and is no longer just a fun-filled task to select the right vaporizer.  Now, I was just wondering whether the technology incorporation matters for the consumer and I am unable to compare between my favorites on the basis of a few or minor changes. My concern is to provide the best review to my viewers that really make a difference on their bells and whistles. But, before I dig in, the few important points to share with you today are:

Which one has the best design?

It is very difficult to judge the taste by looking at the product. However, if you are looking for a stylish design that IQ is your pocket partner? No doubt the IQ has a stunning curved design to match your personality but Mighty also carries an outer protective layer to streamline your style.

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Tell me something about the taste

Mighty VaporizerAs discussed before, people have different taste but the Mighty will change the vapor flavor as the conduction mix heats too much. Whereas, the IQ has a perfect taste thanks to the heater design which produces a more roasted flavor of the herbs.

The two big giants of the vape industry are producing quality products that have outstanding quality and portability that counts in for me to write the DaVinci IQ vs Mighty review and making people understand that it’s hard to beat anyone of the two until in near future

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I am talking too much about technology – well, let’s face it

Davinci IQ VaporizerDaVinci is a highly tech-build company and has been providing great features in their products such as the precision of increasing the temperature feature in the DaVinci IQ. The app also has many other options and my favourite is the on/ off innovation which has really boosted the demand. This fun and useful feature help you in preparing for the first grip of the vape.

The Mighty on the other side is a simple and easy-to-use vaporizer since the company Storz& Bickel believes in elegant touches that are seen in the products. The two simple buttons with an LED provides you the current information of the temperature which is handy for you when you are using the vaporizer.

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Which product has the longest battery power?

Both of the products have stable batteries, and it all depends on how you take care of the vaporizer to run it longer than the expected. DaVinci has the power to last for 90 minutes if the device is fully charged while the Mighty will stay longer for around 2 hours.

Final thoughts

The purpose of sharing the DaVinci IQ vs Mighty review was to highlight some of the features that have really inspired me. I just wanted my viewers to go through the paragraphs and compare the facts. I hope this will  help you in deciding which one will suit you better.

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