DaVinci IQ vs Firefly 2 Comparison Review: Which is Better?

When I was thinking about the DaVinci IQ VS Firefly 2, I instantly thought that it would be tough as these are two opposite vaporizers. But as I am now trying to provide reviews of most of the vaporizers available in the market as on routine basis, just to make sure that my readers choose the best.

How they work

Both of the units DaVinci IQ and the Firefly 2 have different spectrum and are unable to be on the same page. The IQ is a conduction vape while the Firefly 2 is a convection vape. The IQ uses the heat of the oven walls and vaporize the herbs, whereas the Firefly 2 vaporizes the herbs with the super-heated air.

What about the vapor quality

The Firefly 2 is just a step short of being fantastic and once you are getting used to it, these on-demand users are adjusted. The flavors are good and different with each flair.

This portable herb has something worthy to offer The DaVinci IQ has been the favorite and uses the ceramic zirconia to preserve the herbs.

IQ, on the other hand, has been using all the accessories involved like the ceramic pathway and some advanced heating system.

The Firefly 2 is just second to none but is learning something which needs attention. However the conventional sale id all set to deliver something big and for the FF2, this night has won with the thinnest of margins.

Although, there is minor difference between both, but as it is famous that one product always get win when we compare the two of them. So, in the review of DaVinci IQ VS Firefly 2 up to now, Firefly looks better.

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Tell us something about the Build Quality

I would certainly like to put some more work on the build quality. The options are very much ok but the control quality is lacking and people are just loving the unit. IQ, on the other hand, is not that much problematic like the IQ. The materials used in both units are considerably perfect.

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Are these products portable?

Yes, these units are portable and easily adjusted in the pockets. The Firefly 2 are qualified and are easy to carry him. On the other hand, IQ has a good battery backup as you can get 1-3 sessions extra before they were issued prescriptions to remain extra careful.

The individual battery of both these units is original. The size of the Firefly 2 battery is small and they were only planning their cricket match. Keep moving an extra mile if Ziada Grid for you.

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Final Thoughts

The understated DaVinci IQ VS Firefly 2 review was good as both of the vaporizers are providing good stuff for many people. The IQ offers a better taste of the herbs as compare to the performance while Firefly 2 offers a conventional heating system which allows the herb to provide batter taste. The Firefly 2, is still a great choice. Be careful to use the IQ as it has a more concealed manner, whereas the Firefly 2 has a slight advantage.

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