Davinci IQ vs Crafty Comparison: Who Wins?

This post will tackle on the comparison between two great vaporizers, Davinci IQ vs Crafty. We will have a detailed look on these two vaporizers. And, we will analyze the good and the bad between this two.

The trend of smoking is out and vaping is in. The new wave of tabletop vaporizers is just dominating the market as they are much lighter and more powerful. They work well and provide what the customers are looking for.

From the start of 2018, we already have provided a lot of information about the new entrants in the market. We have also provided a few detailing reviews about their working as you want to get the pleasure and not running for your money.

Today we will just provide you with the matchup of different vaporizers that are from the newest generation and are loaded with innovative features like vapor quality and other aspects of the these two  user favorites –  the DaVinci and the Crafty vaporizers.

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Vapour Quality

Mighty VaporizerLet’s go straight to the most exciting feature that every user wants to know about first – yes, the vapor quality. At first, the Crafty, which is very easy to draw due to the convection heating. The user can enjoy the flavor longer. And, will achieve more string flavor even when the vaporizer is at the highest temperature.

In the second corner, we have the DaVinci which is considerably small in size but provides a favorable draw that can reasonably provide a decent vapor. It is also known that when the unit flavor fades quickly during the vaporizing session. Which, can become harsher as the airflow of this vaporizer restricts the air. So, you need to practice more to get the draw perfectly.

The DaVinci is very effective when it comes to long-lasting as this product heats the flavors evenly even on high temperatures. It sometimes disturbs the ceramic chamber that disrupts the airflow.

Indeed there are many other points that are providing the result that Crafty is far better and easy to use when the game is between Davinci IQ vs Crafty.

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Battery Life

Davinci IQ VaporizerThe Davinci is powered by a good 3500mAh battery which is quite enough to give hours of continuous usage. Likewise, the battery power of Crafty is also powered not the same which is expected. It provides only 45 minutes of continuous usage. It is also difficult to replace. Finally,The Davinci battery is awesome and has a long life. Can be charge in just 2 hours and is providing you with an average of 30 days. The battery provides warning signs when it is low.

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Final thoughts

If you are using the vaporizers for fun than its OK to choose from any vaporizing company. But, if you are looking for quality and durability, not only in material but also performance. You can choose whatever from the two vaporizers. After all it only boils down to personal preferences.

That is it for our detailed comparison article on The Davinci IQ vs Crafty. Hope you find our article helpful and will truly help you in finding your next vaporizer.

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