DaVinci IQ VS Ascent Comparison: Which is Better?

The latest release is the IQ and today, we shall be giving you a showdown on the DaVinci IQ VS Ascent by presenting a head to head matchup that will compare the two portable vaporizers on things like quality, battery and temperature flexibility. Already before in the market, DaVinci IQ was one of the popular vaporizers but later the popularity was overshadowed by the latest versions of vaporizers released by other companies including DaVinci themselves.

The trend of handheld devices is not a common phenomenon and both aesthetically pleasing. Mobile vaporizers are getting popular nowadays as they can be easily carried while on the go and thanks to companies you need to show-off your vaporizer.

Which one has the better Vapour Quality

Both of the products are from the same company. But, the quality of vapours provides the user with the flair of the taste. Before the release of the latest IQ version, Ascent was considered to have the best vapor quality, but now as the technology has taken over. The new releases are improving to get vapor each draw. When I check the vapor quality from Davinci IQ. I found that the flavour is very strong and the flavor is excellent. Thanks to the heating style which is efficient and the optimum result is fantastic.

I personally feel that the IQ vapor is less dense from the Ascent and is more enjoyable.

Is the Product Quality better in both vaporizers

Yes certainly, the IQ is very much well made-of device and performs excellently as it has a 10-year warranty and innovative features. On the other side, there is no match with Ascent as it already had a few hot features like the digital screen and temperature control options.

What about some of the other features

Well, as technology is now in every fantasy and so, vaporizers are of no exceptions. The IQ and the Ascent can are from the same company. But, the Ascent is a little easier to use as the settings are not too difficult. The cleaning is notoriously hard and this where the Ascent loses points.

The IQ on the other side is very complicated but has a lot more control when it comes to cleaning and removing the path. Cleaning is a big part and that makes IQ an easy win.

However, the provided review of DaVinci IQ VS Ascent is only to provide you with the comparison of the technical sides of these vaporizers.

Which is more Portable

The Ascent is a well-off name when it comes to portability. But, it is very surprising that the IQ is significantly smaller in size. The IQ seems to be less breakable as it has the glass mouthpiece.

How is the Battery

Many of the users do not just care about the battery which is the most important part of the product otherwise you will just blow the clouds. Technically, the Ascent has a longer battery as I personally used it for 90 minutes and 80 minutes from the IQ. The only problem with both the models comes when the water from the vaporizers get muddy. Thus, you have to clean it.

Final Thoughts

If you still think that the DaVinci IQ VS Ascent preview has missed some points. Please do share your concerns with us and we understand that everyone has its own taste and preferences. We are just providing our friends with the showdown to provide them with how these 2 units stack against each other.