Crafty VS PAX 2 Vaporizer Review: Which is Better?

Would you like to read about Crafty vs Pax 2 review? I have seen many people in the market struggling to make a choice and wondering which vaporizer is best for them.

After using both the products for approximately 6 weeks, me and my wife decided to make a go and if we have missed something, do comment below to share our views on your query.

PAX 2 is my favorite as this vape is a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves to grab the shiny, sleek gadget. PAX 2 simply holds the attention as love after first use.

Craft, on the other hand, is a daily driver as it keeps on clink’in and tick’in. This is perfect for all those no-waiting types of users who want accuracy in every puff.

This is no surprise that these two are the best portable vape in the market and they both are really pretty cool in their own way.

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So, let start with the design!

The close look at each vape is necessary and PAX 2 grabs the attention, The Apple inspire packaging, is worth to look at. The bright and vibrant colors are crush in the eye and the light weight makes it easy to carry across. The tech gizmo looking is the best pick you would ever look into.

Craft, on the other hand, is all an industrial unit is made of plastic unlike the aluminum built PAX 2. The unit does not have an attractive design, but certainly, all the parts are joined perfectly and the craftsmanship is worthy.

Although the design of Crafty is not sexy like the PAX 2, during the days when I was using them, Craft has a good shape that fits in your hand naturally and thus the Crafty VS PAX 2 theme was for that important reason.

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Lets’ talk something about the features

I will calculate the various features in one go as the dual setting of both vapes are good.


The Crafty is equipped with a lithium battery that lasts about 40 minutes or 4 sessions. The good option in Crafty is that it can be used while charging. It can be fully charged in less than 2 hours. Whereas, PAX 2 has a replaceable battery that lasts about 90 minutes. To add, it can easily be replaced to give me more power.


Putting the vape in pockets is safe. The PAX 2 durability lies in the oven lid which is covered by the herb chamber. The cool design feature is good, but be careful as it can pop out easily from the pocket due to the polish body.  Crafty by the way is the most durable vape as it is hard to break and easy to use.

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Final thought

Well, at the end of the article, I would say that both are cool gadgets. But it all depends on the budget and what are you looking at. The purpose of writing this Crafty VS PAX 2 review was to provide you with the information if the price tag is not your concern. Overall, the powerful Crafty vape is good for beginners and in terms of quality, durability, and production. I am really impressed with the Crafty.

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