Boundless CFX vs PAX 3 Comparison: Which is the Best?

I will be more than happy to write the review about Boundless CFX vs PAX 3 as these two vaporizers are looking good in small packing. In the international market, every week a new unit is launched and my work to get started collecting the information begins. I feel that my passion to vape is making me crazy as today.

How flexible can the temperature be?

Well, I like the main idea of temperature setting in both CFX and Pax 3. For a smaller device, I was very much amazed to see the use of technology in CFX as digital display provides a unique look to the unit and also makes it easy for the user to set the temperature. Pax 3 on the other side provides a 4-set temperature setting making it more precise for the user to set the vapor right from 182 Celsius to 215 Celsius.

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Does setting the temperature customized effects the vapor quality?

Advertisement and link for Boundless CFXThe vapor quality is decent in both the products and with wispy clouds. The user can taste the flavor of the herbs. CFX can yield the vapours accordingly at low temperatures and you can taste the flavours for an entire session. As in the PAX 3, the change is not as much different from the other products of the company.

The vapours are smooth and the flavours are purified with convection. I think in the PAX 3, users can use the boost mode for a quick and punchy session. That is something unique in the many vaporizers I have seen.

Coming back to my personal opinions, this is a new beginning where I am trying to provide my personal stance on the products. Taking the initiative and viewing different comments. I myself take a ride on some other reviews to take an insight of their favorites. I understand that writing on Boundless CFX vs PAX 3 was very interesting to find out which one is really good.

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What is the quality of the product? Which one is better?

Advertisement and link for PAX 3 Complete Kit at As I have already informed that the market is full of new and latest models that are streaming in every week.  One must make sure to check the authenticity of the company, before having a vape.

CFX has been meeting the high standards as other products from Boundless are finished to perfection. The well designed CFX with LED display makes it easy to read and use. PAX 3 is something you can easily keep in your girlfriend’s purse.

The glossy finish of the PAX 3 does not really impress me. But I am very happy with the half pack lid which allows me to use fewer herbs and still taste the flavor. The only reservation for the CFX is the mouthpiece which is not properly finished according to the standards of Boundless. However, the heat is absorbed before it reaches your lips.

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Final thoughts

My choice of choosing the topic of Boundless CFX vs Pax 3 was on the basis of their new entry and slightly long vapor path. The portability of both the products is the main concern that comes with a hefty price tag. But if, still I can feel the convincing packing from both companies to give consumers a tough call.

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