Boundless CFX VS Mighty Comparison: What is the Difference?

There is a large variety of vaporizers in the market, but my review on the Boundless CFX VS Mighty gives an idea to the customers as they want to know the best vaporizers and what are they getting after spending some money.

The Boundless CFX and the Mighty are popular for many reasons and today I will share my review on these products to let consumers know before they invest in any one of the vaporizers. Think twice and act wisely.

So let’s start the talk.

The Mighty Vaporizer was released by Storz and Bickel in 2014 and is considered to be the best in the market due to the portability. Boundless CFX was released in 2015 and is relative of the same design as the Mighty.

What are the size, look, and weight?

When we are talking about portability, both of these models are large for purse or pocket. The weight is almost the same and both carry a plastic case. But, the Boundless CFX is protected with a thin layer to protect the vaporizer from the heat. Both of these models are perfect for home but not so great to carry when you are out.

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How is the performance of the battery?

Mighty VaporizerIn my opinion, both of the models are producing thick vapors and to cool them down. The vapor with the comfort level is found on the Mighty is no match for any other. The Mighty will last up to one hour and thirty minutes. While the battery life of CFX, is not more than one hour ten minutes.

When I started to write the Showdown for the Boundless CFX VS Mighty. I noticed that the overall experience which is good in Mighty, but it comes with a premium price so, CFX has the better option of running the show.

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Making the choice

Advertisement and link for Boundless CFXThe similarities are very close to giving a call, but the Mighty provides a better quality of the vapor as compare with the CFX. This is why the Boundless CFX is of premium quality. The purchase decision is always stopped on the price issue. The purchase decision is based on the review but there are other factors – CFX is $ 100 less expensive. But, if you have the budget, get your hands on the Mighty as it guarantees the best Vaping experience and also better vaping experience.

If you have a limited budget, CFX is a perfect choice in a limited budget.

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Final thought

Both of the models have their similarities and differences. But, the choice is always of you, what you want and at what amount. As in my previous blog, this blog also provides an authentic review and if you are thinking to pick after reading my Boundless CFX VS Mighty review. I do recommend to grab anyone as these are provided with a free shipping and no tax in the USA. But, CFX is a better option as it holds its keep.

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