Boundless CFX Review: Is it Good? Is it Bad?

Why I am going to share the Boundless CFX review? It’s because I am really impressed with one of the vaporizers that is providing me the true flair of vape. I really love to write this review. The product is available for just $175.00 and believe it could be the best in this price bucket.

The new company Boundless has been working for quite some time to launch their product and Ooh Man; the CFX is a pretty tough competitor.

How does it feel to check the new CFX?

Well, the very first thing which I would like to observe any product is the feeling when it’s in my palm. For the taste and other specs, the literature is there to read and think whether to go for it or choose some other. But, the feeling is NOT mentioned anywhere and this is what for I am paying.  The CFX certainly has the looks and the silicone coating keeps the unit cool and solid.

What can you tell us about the vapor?

Well, the very first thing which I would certainly like is the quality of vapor which satisfies my taste. And the Boundless CFX matches the quality as it allows the conventional heating system to produce the result. Nice flavors and the cooling of the lid makes the CFX a perfect vape.

How much time does it take to heat? What about the performance

The Boundless CFX is packed according to your taste, as the adjustable setting of the temperature allows the unit to heat within 20 seconds.

The temperature settings vary from 100-4300 F and using the minus/plus buttons, you can easily set the tune according to your taste and flavor of the herb. The bright and clear LED displays the current temperature along with the battery time and session time to give you an idea when to say; It’s enough!

However, the small and powerful unit might have something that is covering the price and as the Boundless CFX review moves further. The maintenance procedure will provide you the tips to keep the unit running for longer periods.

How is the battery life of the CFX?

As the unit is providing all quality stuff, battery or the using of the unit is also varied from non-replaceable batteries that can easily be charged through a USB cable (30-60 minutes). After a complete charge, the batteries are powerful to give you 12-15 session backup time, enough for you to relax and enjoy.

What about the cleaning of CFX

Every vaporizer needs proper cleaning to keep it running for long. Boundless CFX is provided with a complete cleaning tool for the vaporizer and the mouthpiece. The detachable unit is easy to clean. This easiness makes the CFX your daily partner. Using the instructions will take around 30 minutes before the vaporizer is all set to use the vaporizer again.

Final thoughts – Who can enjoy with the CFX

Well, in my opinion, the Boundless CFX review is only to guide the new user about the product and believe me, it’s for everyone. Using the CFX is very easy and beginners will love this unit. The experienced loved the quality of the vapor and the price is just right for anyone to choose CFX.