Arizer Solo 2 VS Mighty Comparison: Which is Better?

When we talk about the best portable vaporizers, many companies are entitling to be the top. But, we today we are going to take a review from the two names that come in mind when it is related to equality from all corners, Arizer Solo 2 VS Mighty. I just spoke to one of my friends and he informed some very interesting facts about the vaporizing market which I will be sharing very soon.

Coming back to the review, the Mighty from Storz and Bickel has been in the market since its release in 2014. It is considered to be one of the best from the other rest. But, Solo2 by Arizer was released somewhere in the mid of 2017 in the market. It is hoping to reach the popularity level.

Let us start the review by sharing some information about the companies.

Are these products reliable and trusted?

Mighty VaporizerThe vaporizers manufactured by many companies have a responsibility to provide quality products in the market and yes, Storz & Bickel, a manufacturer of the Mighty is one of the trusted brands is originated from Germany, while the Arizer is a trusted name in the vaporizer game is based in Canada.

Both companies’ products Arizer Solo 2 and Storz Bickel’s Mighty were selected for the review as these companies are not compromising on the quality of the products. They are giving tough time to the competitors.

Also, make sure to read the Arizer Solo 2 VS Mighty review before moving forward to get your hands on any one of the best vaporizers in the market.

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What about the Quality of the Vapour?

Advertisement and link for Arizer Solo 2 Well, I personally check the vaporizers myself to make sure to give the authentic review. If you have somehow used the original SOLO from Arizer. You will be more than happy to use the SOLO 2 as well. It’s a more improved version from the original SOLO. The airflow is opened so it does not restrict the vapor. According to the researches which I have studied, the Mighty is still better than the SOLO 2. The density of the vapor is good. The unparalleled flavor of the vapor out turns to make it a win.

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The drawback – Portability

I think this area needs improvement and both Solo 2 and the Mighty are scoring poorly in this area. Both of these vaporizers are not pocket-friendly. Apart from the huge companies, both are unsafe to carry without the case.

What about the price

In my opinion, as the Solo 2 is the top-tier. The Mighty is able to deliver quality and the slightly better build makes it one of my favorites.

There is a $100 price difference, so if you are looking for a reliable product in cheap prize go for the Arizer Solo 2. But, if you want the best of the best, then you need to get the dough for the Mighty.

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Final thoughts

So, it is very easy to understand that both of these vaporizers are popular and nearly acclaiming the top position. But the review of Arizer Solo 2 VS the Mighty will surely continue to change the trend of the users in 2019.

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