Arizer Solo 2 Vs Air 2: What is the Difference?

The best way to look in the company’s portfolio is to check their latest releases and this happens when the Arizer upgraded the versions of their popular vaporizers, and I got a chance to share the Solo 2 VS Air 2 reviews to find out which one is better.

Arizer has been giving some real tough time to the customers and to the users as they are unable to compare their products due to limited changes in the features or a slight difference in the price. Like Solo2 is costing around $240, while the Air2 costs not more than $230, $10 cheaper them the Solo2.

Which one is more portable?

The models of Arizer, the Solo 2 and the Air 2 are highly upgraded now and the recent changes on the digital norms in the product are making me a big fan of the product.

Size does matter! Well, don’t take me wrong. The Solo 2 vaporizer is slightly taller, but being large is not the case, it’s also thicker as the Air 2 with a small footprint, makes it very easy to carry and is also comfortable when loading and vaping.

How much are the batteries performing?

Wow! A big footprint means more capacity. This is the difference in both as Air2 runs for 80 minutes when fully charged while the Solo2 takes the lead as it pushes the strength to 3 hours non-stop before requiring some more juice. This is a huge difference, but the secret weapon is in the Air 2.

Despite the large capacity, the secret weapon of the Air 2 is the swappable batteries. So, if you want to puff more, bring along 2-3 extra and extend the vape’s lifetime.  The Solo 2 batteries are user replaceable but nor cool as the Air 2 swappable batteries.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take a look at the Arizer Solo 2 VS Air 2 review and check which model is winning more rounds.

Ahh! We just forget about the Quality

Without any doubt, both of the products are made by Arizer, a name of quality and excellence. The new updated version models are far better than the original version and the change is obvious. The digital screen and the controlled temperature provides something for the user to cheer. But then, where is the difference.

Which one should I buy?

Well, if you are planning to use the vaporizer mostly at your home, then Solo2 is the best as the improvement of the vapor quality is excellent over the Air 2 and also it takes only 20-30 seconds to heat up time and can run without charge for several days.

And the Air 2 is perfect for extended trips as it can provide a great atmosphere outdoor and if you bring some extra batteries or even charge it via the USB. Swappable batteries are the killer feature and the glass stems keep the Air 2 portable and discrete.

Final thoughts

As discussed many times in this article, there is not much difference between the two and have a lot of common features and controlling features. Yet, the Arizer Solo 2 VS Air 2 review will provide you with some of the answers that are missing from other product reviews.