Arizer Argo Review: Is it Good? Is it Bad?

Many of the vaporizers are claiming to be the best, but when I started to write the Arizer Argo review after using it for 3 months, I totally agree with the claim of the company that Argo is the best.

The features of these products are very appealing from the construction to the performers, The Argo has totally wrapped up the competitors and is leading all the way.

This device is portable, secure and all the specifications will be covered in the following lines showing why this vaporizer is a must.

Tell something about the most adorable feature?

Many of the users might know that Arizer vapes are the best vapes that provide a tasty and flavourful vapor, Argo is the same quality product that draws thick clouds which are impressive from the 3rd dab.

The portable and the cool vaporizer comes with the right choice of materials, ceramic, stainless steel, and glass – No plastic to provide you with a clean and bursting flavor taste with a portable package to make you look no other way.

Why do the size and portability matters in selecting the vaporizer

Well, if you are following my previous reviews, you might know that as I am always interested in the size, and when you need to use the device outside like while cycling or skiing. So, the size really matters as it can easily fit in the pocket.

The Arizer Argo is the most portable vaporizer that I have tested as it completely gets in the palm and the new stylish look with the sleek design makes it worth the price.

The build quality is awesome. The Arizer vaporizers are built like tanks and they carry the longest record of reliability. The LED display does not appeal to the look of the Argo but still, you need to watch some features. The warranty period of 2 years is not too much, but still provides a peace of mind to use it.

The charm for the Arizer Argo review is the new shape and the slim size. The aluminum anodized midsection is wide open to the glass stem which is made of high-quality plastic along with the bottom part. To softer the touch, the bottom piece is covered with silicon to absorb the heating temperature.

Hard to clean

The new design of the Argo has made it challenging to clean. But, thankfully, you do not have to clean it very often. Even after a couple of good seasons, you can throw the stem and leave it before washing them with warm water.

Make sure to adopt some good habits to prevent any build-up as herbs can reduce the power of vapor and also if you want to get the good puff, maintenance is always necessary.

Final thought – is it worth

The Arizer Argo is a tough machine and the Arizer Argo review is just to provide you with my perception of the Argo. A majority of the people will be looking for more portable devices, but believe me, I am impressed with the unit and I am sure you will also. Try it and you will find something different from the other vaporizers. The customer support will provide you with the free testing as they plan to run something specials at weekends.