Airvape X vs Pax 3 Comparison: Which is Better?

As my previous reviews were a hit, a started to write the latest review for some modern looking vaporizers and found that Airvape X vs Pax 3, will be a suitable subject for the day.

I was just wondering what the vape life is starting to shape the public’s heart as many devices are just fighting for the top place on the shelf. Most of the vaporizers are just slightly different from each other and many companies have just copied the same pattern and event he features, just to give the impression of their brand.

Is it worth to buy AirVape X or Pax 3?

Advertisement and link for PAX 3 Complete Kit at VapeWorld.comApollo is not a new name in the vape industry and the Airvape already had a very good reputation as their products are highly regarded in the market. What the company has done, they have just reshaped the unit and upgraded with some slight modifications. The mouthpiece has been changed as per the comments from users on my blog, the design is the same as slim, but the chamber is slighter large as compare to other models of the company.

Pax 3, on the other hand, is the slimmest vape that you might need to impress your girlfriend. The company has just renamed the product and have slightly modified some features from the processor Pax 2.

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How can we change the temperature from these two vaporizers?

If you have used or heard about the Pax 2, Pax 3 is no different. As mentioned earlier just a few minor changes from the previous model and slight adjustment in the power settings. The Pax 3 is ideal for customized temperature for full extraction.

The Apollo Airvape has simple functions to control the temperature which are ranging from 2000 to 4280 F. The good thing about Airvape X is the heating time as it takes just 20 seconds to vape out- Really impressive.

The world is about to change with the Apple impressed vaporizers that are finding smokers to stick with the crusty design. The purpose of this Airvape X vs Pax 3 review was to provide serious smokers with some incredible products if they want to use it. Just for pleasure.

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How can we check the vapor quality?

Advertisement and link for AirVape X at VapeWorld.comIt is simple but complicated, the Airvape 3 uses a standard hearing conduction system and it’s a lot better than many models available in the market. The heating element in the vape provides a clean path for good flavor and works pretty well when used at the highest temperature.

The vapor quality of Pax 3 is very different from the Apollo, due to the modifications in the temperature settings for dry herbs. Pax 3 is best for those who love to smoke dense and would love to use this innovative machine.

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Final thoughts

In my opinion, with a $180 price tag, the Airvape X is a good choice. But the vapor quality is not that much impressive with other vaporizers around the same price? On the other hand, Pax 3 is not exceptional. The price tag is too heavy for an upgraded product and portability concern.

Feel free to comment on my Airvape X vs Pax 3 review.  And, if you are interested in anyone, pick it from the shop.

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