Quickdraw 500 Deluxe Vaporizer Review

Quickdraw 500 Deluxe
8.6 Overall
  • Put in your pocket portable
  • For dry herbs, concentrate, and oils
  • Hits heavy for a portable
  • Cons
  • Not that efficient
  • Requires maintenance to keep up good sessions
  • Summary
    The Quickdraw 500 Deluxe is a heavy hitter portable vape that works with dry herbs, concentrates, oils, and any other juice. It's great for on the go or just using it around the house from room to room.
    Vapor Quality8.5
    Vapor Density9
    Ease of Use10
    Heat Up Time9

    The Quickdraw 500 by Hold Your Fire really surprised me.

    I originally thought this vape was not going to perform that great. However, it performed at a really high quality level in my opinion.

    I actually believe it might perform a little bit better than the Pax 2…Which is an awesome portable…So that’s really saying something!

    What’s Unique About it?

    1 – A True Portable. You’re able to fit this into your pocket relatively easily. It’s not bulky at all. You are able to palm this unit.

    2 – Three in 1 flexibility. You get to use dry herb, concentrate, and juice with this unit. All you need to do is put the head that you want on. There are 3 ‘heads’, one for herb, one for concentrate, and one for juice. So if you want to vape dry herb, you would just put the dry herb head on. There are only a couple other vaporizers worth mentioning that has this type of flexibility. One is the Haze and the other is the Pro Series.

    What I Liked

    1 – Portability

    I like the idea of portable units. You’re able to carrying around with you wherever you go. This is a really nice size so you’re going to be able to just throw it into your pocket or bag super easy.

    2 – Flexibility

    I really like the fact that you’re able to use all three substances with his unit. It gives it some really good flexibility. I also like that you use differing tops/heads for them. This makes it so that you don’t have to cross different substances in the same oven. Furthermore it’s going to give each one a much better taste rather than having oven for every single one.

    3 – Easy

    This unit is super easy-to-use. You’re not going to be confused at all and probably within five minutes you’re going understand all of its key functions. This is a lot for portable units that are typically a little more confusing.

    4 – Big Draws

    My favorite thing about the whole unit though is that you’re able to take big draws from it. You are really able to get a good amount of vapor. This is extremely important for some people because this is going to add to the potency of the vaporizer. With a vaporizer that you can’t take big draws out of you aren’t going to get near as medicated as you would using one that allows for big draws.

    What I Didn’t Like

    A lot of what I didn’t like is just your typical portable vaporizer problems.

    Maintenance – you’re going to need to do a bit of maintenance on this unit. The main thing that you’re going to need to do is keep the airhole within the oven clear. That can get a lot of resin on it. If that does get resin on it and you’re knocking to be able to take draws.

    Quick Sessions – I didn’t realize they’d be this quick. I get that it’s the quickdraw. But the herb seemed to burn a little too quick I think.

    Compared to Others

    If contemplating buying the quickdraw, there are  a couple options I recommend checking out.

    Pax 2:

    I really get the feeling that the Pax was in mind when they designed this product. Everything from the look and feel of the unit reminds me of the Pax 2. The Quickdraw’s oven is a bit better. You’re also able to take bigger draws with the Quickdraw than with the Pax. Efficiency is better with the Pax though.

    Click here to see my full review for the Pax 2.


    As of right now the Crafty is our #1 rated portable. We really like it because it delivers incredible vapor. It also has the best density and efficiency out of all the units. It does have a high price tag though.

    You can click here to see our full review.


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    Where to Buy?

    The Quickdraw is going to be hard to find in stores. I personally buy all my vapes online from VapeWorld because you get free overnight shipping. This is many times leads to a better price than you’d get if you purchase straight from retailers.

    Site = http://vapeworld.com/quickdraw-500

    Quickdraw 500 Deluxe Customer Reviews
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    Im not sure how many peoples coil broke within 2 days of using it... Thats the only disappointing part... Other than that I love love this vape!
    July 27, 2017, 6:51 am
    Overall Happiness with Vape9
    How Likely to recommend?9
    Do not but this unit! I have nothing good to say about it. I purchased this unit for $250+hst. At the start I thought it was great but then it began...within 5 days my black tip was broken. It had melted at the screws. I took it back as it had only been used a handful of tines, the store would not take it back so I had to pay to ship it to QuickDraw which took 2 weeks to come back to me, when I opened it The tip on it was already chipped so I NEVER got to use it. I have been battling this company for over 2 months with this. They said they said they were shipping me out another QuickDraw 500 dry cartridge so I waited and 2 days later got a 300 cartridge. Wrong one. I called and emailed and was very ugly it had been 3 weeks and I was out the money for this vape and had to purchase another as I can't smoke. This was a wicked time for me, I purchased this unit to heavily rely on as I got myself off heavy meds so being without it was a nightmare for me during this time. So, I called and told them thy screwed up again. And again, this time they said we will send out 3 cartridges for all your trouble.....and next delivery was 2 cartridges but they were for the 300 yet again I have the 500 unit so error #4 happened. I called furious again and they said the same thing. We will send out 3 QuickDraw 500 dry cartridges for all the trouble. ..at this point I didn't think they would ever get it right.. And a #5 error happened....they only gave me 1 QuickDraw 500 not 3. So after all this I had 1 working unit finally after 2 months ....well IT IS STILL NOT WHAT I WAS PROMISED FOR ALL THIS BULL SHIT. And guess what people-it melted around the screws already! Clearly this unit is shit and the mouthpieces at $30 a cartridge do not even last a week. You do the math. So I asked to speak to a manager last time and he left a message admitting to all of the errors which was a change of tune because the message before basically called me a liar and said I had received these things. I have pics and shipping packages with weights on them prove EVERYTHING. Well over a week ago I was suppose to actually get these 3 cartridges and it never happened. QuickDraw should be out of business or be creating a non Defective mouthpiece to come good to their customers.
    June 19, 2017, 10:12 am
    Overall Happiness with Vape0
    How Likely to recommend?0
    Black Caps are an issue...
    Black caps! Paid $200 and in less than a month one black cap broke and the other melted due to using the herb cartridge three sessions in a row without a break. Have to purchase another cartridge to fix issue - should be able to buy just the black cap separately with having to purchase another cartridge.
    December 3, 2016, 3:19 pm
    Overall Happiness with Vape5
    How Likely to recommend?2.5
    Yeh I love it!
    Fantastic unit, I love it to bits. The ease of use and quality of the unit is great! My dry gerb cartridge stopped working after 5 session but holdyoufire were quick to send me a replacement. Great customer service!
    June 23, 2016, 9:39 am
    Overall Happiness with Vape8.5
    How Likely to recommend?10
    Caps are substandard
    The caps are substandard. The cap on the extract cartridge broke on mine the first time I used it. The manufacturer told me I would need to purchase an entire cartridge because they don’t warranty the caps. Gee, I wonder why? This is gouging. The caps are either poorly designed or they are purposely designed so they break quickly. Bad business holdyourown.com
    April 5, 2016, 4:50 pm
    Overall Happiness with Vape2
    How Likely to recommend?2
    All in one in a 5 minute sesh!!!
    I have owned the 500 for a month now and it is running like new nothing has home wrong at all. Maintenance on the device is just like vape. The e juice tank gets big clouds just like a mini mod. The concentrate top hits better than most glass nails not better titanium nails though. The dry herb top hits better than a pax but not a crafty. The tops are magnetically attached so you can hit herb, concentrates and e juices all in one session even if it's a 5 min sesh. nothing can beat its convenience and quality. I love it and hope it never craps out!!!
    October 2, 2015, 1:50 am
    Overall Happiness with Vape9.5
    How Likely to recommend?10
    love it. HIGHly recommend :)
    September 4, 2015, 8:30 am
    Overall Happiness with Vape10
    How Likely to recommend?10
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