Why Should You Buy a Vaporizer Online?

1 – You Save Money

2 – You Get the Exact Vape You Want

3 – You get free overnight shipping

4 – You don’t have to go anywhere


Is Vaping Dry Herb or Moist (Dank) Herbs Better?

I have vaped for quite some time now.

I have started to notice that there is a significant difference Wednesday being a dryer compared to inter that is more wet, moist, dank, whatever you’d like to call it.

I have noticed that vaporizers perform better when you’re putting in moist herb. You seem to get a lot more bang for your buck. The dryer tends to get cooked much faster. I guess that makes sense because drier always burns faster.

I have never been someone who always seeks out wet herb because they can be really annoying if you are trying to light it and it is too wet. However, when you’re using a vape this is absolutely perfect because you going to get more sessions out of a more moist herb.

For example, I picked up some top shelf sour diesel. As well as some top shelf Grape OG. The sour diesel was very moist. On the other hand the grape OG was relatively dry. It was still good, but it was drier. On average I could only get 3-4 bags from the Grape OG. Where I was able to get 5-6 bags with the Sour D. also if you guys know me.. I always stop the bags 1 or 1.5 before you really could as I am not a big fan of the vaped herb taste.

Have you guys experienced anything like this? Would love to know.

Crafty Vs. Mighty Vaporizer Comparison. What’s the Major Differences?

This page is going to serve as a comparison between the Crafty and Mighty vapes from the manufacturer Storz and Bickel..These are the guys that make the Volcano.

Both the Crafty and Mighty are awesome.

Crafty Vs. Mighty

Crafty is little bit smaller

Crafty controls the temperature through a smart phone app where the Mighty has a digital temperature control on the unit.

Mighty has a longer battery life

Mighty is $70 more expensive.

Mighty heats up twice as fast as the Crafty.

Vapor quality, density, and taste are all too similar to tell a difference in performance amongst the units.

Which One To Get?

You’ll want to go with the Crafty if you’re looking for portability.

The crafty is a lot easier to throw into your pocket as it is the size of your typical smart phone.

The mighty is little bit more awkward to put into your pocket. It doable, but It’s pretty big. It travels much better suited in a backpack or purse. You also can’t really use the mighty as discreetly.

If you’re looking for more home use the mighty is going to be the way to go. Especially if you are sharing with friends and things like that. Is a great unit to be able to pass around and share.

Where to Buy?

If you’re looking to purchase one of these units I recommend using vape world. I like them because you’re going to get free overnight shipping. This is something that you’re not going to get from buying directly from the manufacturer.  Overall, you’re able to save money and get your vape the next day.

Link to Crafty = http://vapeworld.com/crafty

Link to Mighty = http://vapeworld.com/mighty

Still Not Sure Which to Get?

If you’re still not sure, we have a couple of review pages that could possibly help you out. These are pages that you could go to dinner going to go into a lot more detail about the crafty end of my.

Click here to see our review for the Crafty.

Click here to see our review for the Mighty.


Herbalizer Vs. Volcano Comparison

The Herbalizer and the Volcano ranks as the two best desktop vapes in the nation. Currently on our desktop rankings we have the Volcano ranked as #1 and the Herbalizer ranked as #2.

What they Both Do Awesome

Vapor Quality – More or less the same vapor quality from both units. Both produce phenomenal vapor. Easily they are the top 2 overall. Absolutely no harshness or burnt vape taste with these vapes.

Vapor Density – You can get some vapor clouds with both units thanks to being able to control the temperature more so than you can with other units – especially portables.

Efficiency – Incredible efficiency from both units. Half a gram can get you very far with both units. In fact, the Volcano is a vaporizer that saved me over thousands of dollars because it’s so efficient. The same can be said for the Herbalizer.

Concentrates – Both of these vapes are the very few that are able to do it respectfully.

Minimal Maintenance – Both units require very little maintenance.

Why I like the Herbalizer More

Faster Heat Up Time – The herbalizer heats up within seconds. It’s good to go in about 15 seconds. The Volcano takes a couple of minutes to heat up, which can be annoying sometimes.

Balloon and Whip Capability – You can fill it up with the  bag/balloon or you can take your draws from the whip. This is one of the few desktop vapes that allows you to do this. You are not able to use a whip with the Volcano unless it through a mod.

Temperature Precision – Unless you have a Digital Volcano, you’re not gonna be able to control your temperature to the exact degree you want it. The Herbalizer allows you to control the temperature. The Classic Volcano does not allow you to.

Fan Assist with the Whip – You can turn on fan assist when using the whip to take bigger draws and get a lot more vapor. The fan assists basically pushes the vapor through the vape for you so you are able to get a lot more.

Why I Like the Volcano More

Bigger Chamber – You’re gonna be able to pack about .5 grams depending upon the herb. This is great for 2+ people because then you are not constantly reloading up the unit over and over. Also, this is great if you are trying to get a heavy dosage of medication. The more herb you put in there, the more medicated you’re going to get typically.

Blows Up Bags Faster – Regardless of how big the bag is, it will take the Volcano 30 seconds to blow it up. This is much faster than the Herbalizer which will take 60-90 seconds roughly.

Proven to Work over MANY Years – I’ve had my Volcano for over 5 years. It works perfectly..Just as if I had purchased it yesterday.

If I had to Pick One…

I’m going to pick one to use the rest of my life. I’m going with the Volcano. But it really comes down to personal preference.

1) I like bags more than the whips. A bag you’re able to just casually vape on where as the whip you have to

2)  I vape with friends and thus I like the bigger chamber. Don’t have to spend as much time grinding and packing.

3) It has been out a lot longer than the Herbalizer and has proven to work flawlessly for years on end. The herbalizer hasn’t been out more than a year and a half. Who knows how the system will react after 5 years of wear and tear.

4) The digital (nicest model of Volcano) allows you to pick your exact temperature.

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Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Herbalizer here and the Volcano at VapeWorld.com. You get free overnight shipping.

Link = http://vapeworld.com

Pax Vs. Pax 2: What’s the Difference Between the Units?

Both of these vapes are very nice. They are portable, discreet, and super easy to use.

The Pax 2 is the newest version of the Pax. It has superior technology and performs a lot better than the Pax 1. Here’s what has been improved from the first version.

What’s Improved With the Pax 2


It’s a little bit smaller than the Pax 1. This means that it’s more discreet when using it in public.

Better Vapor Density

You are able to take way bigger draws than you can with the Pax 1. The Pax 1 is really tough to get bigger draws from – you’re not able to “rip it” at all really. The Pax 2 performs a lot better. Especially if you keep the unit from clogging.

Better Vapor Quality and Taste

With the Pax 1, the oven cooked a little too much for my taste sometimes. The cooking in the oven is a lot more evenly distributed in the Pax 2..Thus you get better vapor quality and taste.

Less Maintenance

You had to do quite a bit of cleaning with the Pax 1 – otherwise no vapor would come out of it. The mouth piece gets a bunch of crap on it. On the 2, it is a much more free flowing unit and requires less cleaning to continue to operate it.

Removable Mouthpiece

On the Pax 1 there is a mouthpiece that is permanently attached on the top. It is exposed at all time. This is kind of annoying and gross. With the Pax 2, you can either use it without the mouthpiece or put on a mouthpiece that is exposed, but you’re able to take it off!

Is it Worth the Extra Money?

Yes! We think it does justify the extra $75 or so extra dollars. There are a lot of improvements with the Pax 2 and they did a great job fixing all the main issues with the Pax 1.

Where to Buy

You can get it from ther official website, however we don’t recommend it because you have to pay for shipping and handling, which is always over $20+. The only other place that sells it online is VapeWorld. VapeWorld has free overnight shipping. As in..you get your vape the next day and don’t pay any extra..meaning that the Pax is much cheaper on VapeWorld than on PaxVapor.com

Site = vapeworld.com/pax2

Go Read Our Reviews

We have much more in depth articles about these vapes. If you want to read the review for the pax 2, click here. If you want to read about the Pax 1, click here.

One of the Reasons Why I took up Vaping..

I’ve been vaping for about a year now. I got into vaping when I said ok..enough! I need to stop using tobacco. I’m not going too going to my full story. If you want to remind. Or you can go here. But basically, I decided that I need to make you change my lifestyle. There was a week or two that I had gone without using tobacco and it was a horrible experience. I didn’t realize that just because I put a little tobacco mixed in with my marijuana that it cost that big of a difference. I was actually addicted to the stuff and I needed to just stop it all together.

I just knew that there was no way I was going to keep smoking and expect to live long.

So to the point of this post…I stopped because I developed a cough. The cough was probably one of the most irritating things and it is what pushed me over the edge with saying I needed to quit. I knew that if I was coughing, I was going to develop a permanent smoker’s cough. Furthermore, if I’m coughing…How bad must my lungs be? Pretty freaking bad…

I ended up eliminating tobacco and turned to the vaporizer for my marijuana use. It was difficult at first..But I got the job done.

And if you’re out there still smoking tobacco..Just take a look at this picture and ask yourself…Do I want to continue to live this way?

lungsJust wow…I mean look at that shit. That’s fucking awful.

The Results From Vaping

After about a month and a half my smoker’s cough finally went away. The vape is not near as harsh on my lungs, which is huge for me. I don’t want a horse voice.

Vaporizers in the News Volume 1.

I wanted to take the time to make a post about vaporizers in the news and what’s going on with them.

All I did for this post is go to Google News and search for vaporizers. There were a lot of articles that were pulled up when I did this search. I decided to only use ones that were talking about vape news in cities…Not just articles that are like “here’s the top vaporizers!!”

Without further adieu…Here’s 5 relevant articles that it pulled up that you might find interesting.

Lawmakers Targeting Vapes and E-cigs – Title pretty much says it all. This post is from NBC Connecticut and talks about how stores that sell vapor need to be regulated.

Oregon Bans Indoor Vaporizer Use – Here’s the most recent banning of indoor vape use. Not too surprised that this is heading this way. I imagine when I do volume 2 of “Vaporizers in the News”, there are going to be even more articles talking about bans for indoor use.

Dallas Taking Action To Keep Vapes Away from Kids – Sun Times reports that in Texas they have started to push forward with regulation of E-Cigs. Citing the main purpose is to keep them out of kid’s hands.

More People Turn to Vaporizers to Quit Smoking – CNBC reports that the number of people who have taken up vaping has risen based upon people wanting to quit. It seems more and more people are using vaporizers to quit.

Can You Bring your Vape for a 4 Hour layover in Denver? – Lol this article is awesome. It talks about how you can bring your vaporizer to Denver as long as it is cleaned out. There are also services that will pick you up in a car and take you to a dispensary AND hotel so you can try that Colorado bud.

That’s all we’ve got for today. Hope you’ve all enjoyed it. Please be sure to make some suggestions if I missed any cool articles this week.

Love ya all!!!